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About Barney Select

Barney Select is a Baseball and Softball Lifestyle Company, led by two time Collegiate National Champion, 8 year Major Leaguer, and Gold Glove Infielder Darwin Barney.  We are dedicated to doing youth training the right way with a focus on true skill development, and elite infielding and hitting instruction.  


 Barney Select will offer a product for all ages:

 Elite Prospect Level Infield camps

 Small group Hitting Lessons 

Advanced Infield Clinics

Catch and Throw Clinics

Youth Under 12 Mini Camps

Coach 4 Coach

All Skills Camps

and More

We also offer team Instruction, and Coaching Instruction packages.  Darwin will run your teams practice with a skill specific focus that you decide, or you can sit back and take the day off.  

There is also an option for Practice Plan Creation.  Need help with your practices and don't have time to prepare?  Let us put together your practice plans for the week, month, or season!  We will guide you through the Plans, help you understand the drills, and give you the coaching confidence you need.

Email for details.

"Over the years I have always wanted to help kids and young athletes excel on and off of the field.  I believe in a positive constructive energy, that not only builds your child's fundamental understanding of the game, but will most importantly grow their confidence, and allow them to enjoy the game even more."

 Darwin Barney





"My 11 year old son just finished a defensive and hitting Mini Camp with Darwin Barney.  First, to be able to get instruction from a former MLBer and Gold Glove winner is just invaluable.  Second, the instruction and the delivery of the instruction was amazing.  The ability Darwin has in being able to relate and connect with these youngsters was great to watch.  And also, for him to impart great information but yet do it in an easy way to digest for youth baseball players, is what makes this different.  It was awesome to watch and I highly recommend Darwin to any youngster trying to get better at baseball.  Thank you Darwin, and my son cannot wait for his next lesson."

Mike Wallen

"Hey there, just giving you some instant feedback that my son came home from one hour with you and said he learned more in that hour than he ever has.  He said, "I just can't stop smiling!""

Brian Holmes

"I just wanted to say thank you so much for today, all the advice that you gave me I've written down while its fresh.  I'm already seeing results in my swing and my speed and footwork on defense, I can't thank you enough for that.  With that being said, you can count on me being there at least once a week."

Ashkon Rafahi

"My son has never had a lesson CLOSE to that - EVER. He is really on a high from that. He's bouncing around the house!!"

David Friedman

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