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Mini Camp

Don't let the word Camp scare you away from experiencing our dynamic hour and a half small-group training sessions tailored to enhance your hitting and defensive skills.  Each athlete will get Private Lesson quality instruction.  Choose between focused hitting or defense sessions, or combine both for a comprehensive training package.  

We also will be offering a Youth Under 12 two hour Juniors Mini Camp for your little ones to learn the fundamentals that will lay the groundwork for their baseball or softball skills! Games, Prizes, and Fun ways to introduce 5-11 year olds to the skills and fundamentals they will need! 

Hitting Lessons

Join our small group 1 hour hitting lessons and unleash new found confidence to elevate your baseball skills.

ADVANCED HITTING LESSONS: Recommended 8th grade and up.  Advanced techniques, machine work, and approach philosophies integrated into the work. 


60 Min: $75

*Due to limited spots, Payment upon Sign Up Please. Venmo

Elite Infield Clinics

Immerse yourself in an hour and a half of high-speed infield drills and expert guidance led by gold glove infielder Darwin Barney.  Offered for athletes of all ages, as well as ADVANCED Sessions for 8th grade and up. Learn some of the many techniques and methods that Darwin has developed over the years, as well as high level defensive footwork training.


Elite Infield Clinic: 60 min $75

Advanced Infield Clinic: 90 min  $95

Throwing Clinics

One of the tougher fundamentals to teach, are proper throwing mechanics.  If you feel like your son or daughter could use some gains in the throwing department, then this is for you!  Open to anyone, learn and develop proper mechanics, to gain more velocity and accuracy throwing the baseball or softball.  Everybody wants to throw the ball harder, and most all have the potential to do so.  Come unlock your throwing ability!!  $75


Check out SignUp Genius Link for updated Schedule and sign up opportunities.


*If there is not a session that fits your schedule, or they are full, please email me at

I will provide more softball if there is a need for more!


Pay now, or at the arrival of your session

Venmo @BarneySelect 

Location: The Bat Company


22768 SW Johnson RD

West Linn, OR 97068

United States

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